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How we became Stonewall Flanders:

In 1964, The Harlandale School Board approved a bond for the building of Flanders Elementary to address class overload. The bond was passes with an overwhelming majority vote, and Flanders was built for under $800,000. The school had twenty-one classrooms, a cafetorium and offices.

 The doors opened in 1966: Mrs. Bonnie Velten was the first principal. The school colors were red and pink, and the mascot was a child like indian warrior. Mrs. Velten retired in 1973 and was replaced by Mr. Frank Nesrsta. School colors once again changed to red and white.

During the 1987-1988 school year, the staff from Stonewall Elementary was merged with the Flanders. Mr. Nesrsta retired at the end of the school year of 1987-1988. Dr. Yolanda Escobedo became the new principal for Flanders.

Dr. Cynthia Castillo became the new principal at Flanders, and a new Life Skills unit was added to the new wing. Flanders became an all Year-Round Educational School in 1992-1993.

In 1993 the school colors were changed to aqua and gold and once again the mascot was changed to the falcon.

In 1993-1994 Flanders had an enrollment of 500 students.

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